데이터베이스 오류 : 게시판 목록 - 페이징
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[QUERY] /* [ 게시판 목록 ] */
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	, (select count(*) from tboard_comment where brand='artheart' and bcate = :bcate and bno = a.no ) replyCnt 
	, (select academy_name from tcom b where b.no = a.com_no) academy_name 
	, fget_img_url(a.content) c_img 
	  from tboard a
	 where brand  = 'artheart'	
	   and bcate  = :bcate 	
	   and com_no = '0' 
	   and delyn  = '0'    	
	 order by noticeyn desc, thread_no desc, no desc				
	 limit 0, 15
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